“Neptune Bulk Terminals has successfully partnered with VOD OFFICE DESIGN to assess, design, budget and assist in the construction management of several projects including a major refurbishment of office space at Neptune Bulk Terminals Ltd. These projects have been completed on budget and met the goals and objectives established at the outset. VOD’s Principal has always taken the time to clearly understand the goals, objectives, budget and scope of work of our projects. VBO met with all individuals affected by the work, to clearly understand their working conditions and the potential impacts of change to the workplace. VOD has used their expertise to produce Gota number of options and opportunities that fit within scope, budget, workspace needs and improvements for NBT to select from for each project. NBT has been pleased with the expertise brought to each project, attention to detail and successful outcome.”

Rob Booker
Senior Vice President
Neptune Bulk Terminals

“Barbara is amazing! From our first meeting through to completion her attention to detail and hands-on approach made our renovation a breeze. She has fantastic design and construction expertise and was wonderful at helping us choose options. Their team is very professional, with a high-quality design, project management and construction and overall project was well priced.”

Clare Warkentin
Sheining and Company Inc.

“I highly recommend VOD Office design. Barbara is dependable and trustworthy. She finished our project on time and budget, and we had many client praise our beautiful new office space.”

Patricia Lee
ENT Vancouver

“Barbara has designed my offices several times over the past 7 years. We recently expanded and I needed to move the company into new and bigger office space. I hired VOD Office Design and her team to renovate the new space in order to accommodate our growing team, and I wanted a fresh, bright and fun space for our employees. Barbara was instrumental in managing the new space to accommodate our custom furniture, which really helped keep the budget down to a manageable level. We are extremely happy with the result. Barbara has a high level of professionalism and an amazing eye for detail. I would not hesitate to recommend her services to anyone!”

Carolyn Douglas, CEO
Intranet Connections

“VOD Office Design carried out office design and layout work for us, and to our great satisfaction. It is on the basis of their performance that I can unhesitatingly recommend their work.”

Roger D. Landry, C.C, O.Q.
La Presse

“VOD Office Design were able to deliver our office renovation without breaking the budget. These included seemingly simple or small things that were less expensive to implement but enhanced our space much more than the expensive solution. With an eye and ability (you might say that “je ne c’est quoi”) to look at a room and know precisely how to make it look and function better. Her services were absolutely indispensable to us. We got tremendous value for money.”

Scott Kerr
Courthouse Technology

“We are pleased to express that Vancouver Office Design and their team have carried out the interior design of our office in a very professional manner, deserving an appreciation, as great ideas, excellent work crew on time and on budget. We have no hesitation to recommend Vancouver Better Office to any business who desire to create inspiring and productive workspace!”

Vaclav Vinvalek, President
PCIS-Pacific Coast Information Systems Ltd.

“I want to thank you VOD Office Design for doing outstanding work right from the beginning in getting the business permit to completion of what was, I think a dingy dark area, into an elegant, bright and professional looking office. Everyone who has visited me so far have been impressed with the colors, the furniture and just the over all look of the space. I know that you went above and beyond your parameters, from wanting to make sure that everything was in place and that I could start early September. When people ask me who helped me, I just say that I was fortunate enough to come across a clever woman with a quaint French accent who understood my needs immediately. Thank you again Barbara…. .I enjoy going to the office.”

Shamin Shariff
HSK Travel Specialists Inc.

“Quand nous avons pris la décision de réaménager nos bureaux, nous avons fait appel à Barbara Smyth. Barbara a agi avec beaucoup de subtilité en tenant compte des goûts des employés tout en ne perdant pas de vue l’image unifiée de nos bureaux. Son sens de l’innovation et de l’esthétique nous a impressionnés, tout comme sa relation à l’espace, aux matériaux, à la lumière, aux couleurs et aux objets. Avec un dévouement constant, elle a apporté une substantielle amélioration à nos locaux en adéquation avec notre budget.”

Donald Cyr, Directeur général – Executive Director
Société de développement économique de la Colombie-Britannique