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Office design services by VBO
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Office design services by VBO
Creating a new office should be exciting, stress-free and fun.
That’s why our office design and build approach is transparent, flexible and responsive. You’ll ❤️ our process!

1. Preliminary

Needs List

Spaces requirements, existing or new office furniture, number of people and workflow between departments. Budget determination.

Site Assessment

Assess the space condition and furniture, verify interior building components mechanical, electrical systems.

Space planning

Office space planning is the process of organizing furniture and office functions. Appraise the workgroup function, the building codes and regulations, lighting, teams’ requirements, inter-communication, and storage to make the best use of available space.

2. Design Development


An interior design concept is a combination of ideas/ features, research of materials and office furniture.


Custom millwork is any type of cabinetry such as reception desk, boardroom storage or kitchen just to mention a few that is produced in a millwork shop to suit specific dimensions and needs.

Cost analysis

We prepared, cost analysis to help the company to identify priorities and best return on an investment based on the cost, resources and risk involved.

Coordination with Engineers and Landlord

Send to the landlord, structural, mechanical and electrical engineers our drawings for their revisions and actions.  We verify and discuss their proposed solutions, and their drawings will be used for the building permit and the construction.

Sustainable System

Sustainable design best practices not only focus on saving energy and natural resources, but also on increasing the well-being of those who work in the spaces we design, adding to their comfort, enhancing their experience, boosting their productivity, and improving the quality of their lives while reducing demand on the environment.


We design and build a space with the latest technology that works just as you’d expect it to, finished off with the tech you know and rely on.

From connected meeting rooms where everything ‘just works’, to smart lighting and climate solutions to reduce energy consumption. Your new office will be ready for today and the future.

3. Building Permit Application

An official approval issued by local authorities to a builder to proceed with construction or alteration of a building. Submittal of drawings and engineers’ letters of assurance.

Construction Drawings

We prepare all the detailed construction drawings and specifications required for tender and construction.  These documents will provide a comprehensive set of instructions to follow, so that every details of our collective vision for the project will be correctly implemented.


We are office design and build experts which means that during your project we are your single point of contact.

Our approach means that we take care of everything from creating office design concepts and selecting office furniture to managing all suppliers and contractors that your project requires, from fitters and joiners to IT and mechanical and electrical experts.

Rest assured, we work with only the best and most reliable suppliers. We know exactly what it takes to ensure you get the workplace you and your staff deserve – on time and budget.