office design

Sheinin & Company, Vancouver, BC

2500 sq. ft. Office design upgrades, with focal point to create a dynamic and healthy work environment. Space optimization, selection of finishes, lighting, millwork, and new ergonomic furniture.  Clear temper glass partition with custom printed decorative film to divide the open plan from the reception area. The waves effect inspires movement and a fresh breeze.

Xland Venture Group.  International Trades Center, Richmond BC.

3000 sq. ft. Bare shell office tenant improvement.  Custom office design-build project to accommodate a reception, closed offices, a boardroom, and a collaborative open plan space. The design of the CNC wall mount panel is inspired a from the Xland Venture logo.

ENT, Otolaryngologist, Medical Clinic, Vancouver BC.

4500 sq. ft. Bare shell office tenant improvement.  Otolaryngologist,” ENT” are doctor who specialize in treating conditions that affect the ears, nose and throat. I was inspired to design curves based on the the respiratory system in one continuous motion.  We chose a specific blue color reminiscent of the cleanliness found in care settings that would also appease the mind. An addition of plants were added to purify the air, amplify the living space and decrease stagnation. The space accommodates a reception, a waiting area, 14 treatment rooms, one washroom and a kitchenette/staff area.

Medical Research Company, UBC, Vancouver BC.

7000 sq. ft. Tenant improvement. A growing medical research company that needed to expand its workspace to accommodate new staff, technology, a laboratory, and facilities. The objective of this renovation was not only to create an efficient and inspiring work environment but also to represent their medical research innovation to attract worldwide clients. There were no window in the Open plan, therefore we came with the idea to install a BC forest mural to bring nature and an effect of limitless space. Glass partition with Dichroic glass finishes the film, ever-changing color viewing at a different angle and light way resulting dynamic visual experience.

office designs

Better Sleep, Live Better, Dr. Sharnell Muir. North Vancouver, BC.

700 sq. ft  Bare shell office tenant improvement. Sleep Better Live Better specialized in apnea and in therapy for insomnia. The challenge within the limited space was to maximize efficiently the requirements and specific function for each room and to create an Atmosphere of spaciousness. The sandstone Venetian plaster and the interaction between light, shadow and texture is timeless and create a sense of calm.

Developer Company, Headquarter, Burnaby, BC

25,000 sq. ft Gold LEED Certification system, tenant improvement project. Senior Designer and project manager for this MCM style of Interior Design.

Gold LEED project is the highest sustainable certification in construction to improve human quality of life and the protection of our environment. The office interior design concept was developed around an organic cellular pattern that is continuous throughout the different floor levels to enhance the company brand identity. Earth palette tones and textures from local BC materials to reduce carbon footprint while enhancing the expansion of the interior design.

Commercial Projects


7000 sq. ft. Luxury residence in Karazawa, Japan

Cicozzi architecture hired Barbara to design and customize a high end residence. The client chose a Canadian designer to create spaciousness and timeless interior design. This type of design is not common in Japan due to limited space and resources.

The client came regularly to Vancouver to select a complete design such as, fixtures, cabinets, millwork, flooring, custom marble fireplace and appliances. All were built in Vancouver under the supervision of Barbara and then shipped to Japan. Barbara had the chance to travel in Japan to understand their culture, goals.


Suki’s Hair Salon and academy

Located at the corner of Burrard and Georgia. 3500 sq.ft. tenant improvement to accommodate a large hair salon and academy. VOD was champion and apply creative and distinctive design solution that generate a “wow” effect that welcomes client. We are extremely happy with the result. Don’t hesitate to recommend VOD design and project management services.

Multi residential unit projects.

Image development, Ciccozzi architecture, Ankenmean Marchand, Kinsmen Dream Home, Girraffe Design, partner ( Adera, Intracorp)

Some of our clients are developers, and request our services for interior design. With the goals of the client n mind, we team up with architects, engineers, contractors to design inspirational and efficient interior designs.


On the Drive,  Commercial Drive

The Shore, Adera, Giraffe Design, Partner