Vancouver Better Office Designs Spaces With Innovation, Quality Resources, Security & Best Workmanship In Mind

Vancouver Better Office Inc. (VBO) is an interior design company that was developed in 2007 by the Founder, Barbara Smyth with the sole purpose of providing innovative office designs while maintaining budget.

VBO provides designs for small and large size businesses in the healthcare industry for medical clinics and doctors offices but has worked on numerous of general office design projects for clients who were searching for an affordable but high-quality solution.

Our passion is to build the world a healthier and better work environment by creating custom environments that are also easy to implement.

VBO knows that when issuing design documents to a contractor, designs more often than not will be compromised and as a result, clients at the end do not get the full potential and benefit. Disappointed by that ubiquitous aspect of the construction industry, we decided to take charge by managing entire projects from pre-design to construction completion.

Overall, VBO proudly minimizes design modifications during construction, keeps its projects on budget and facilitate its client’s experience and further makes this client’s experience a joyful one.

Thus, over the years, VBO has accumulated a wide variety of resources and great workmanship that contribute at delivering fresh new office design ideas for the benefit of the business community.

With 20+years of experience, Barbara Smyth is passionate about creating positive and healthy work environments where employees are happy and motivated which ultimately impacts the company’s short and long-term success because of employee moral and workplace productivity.

Her leadership, creative skills, personalized approach and overall genuine business sense allows her to achieve outstanding results of which all her clients always benefit from. See this for yourself!

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With a sharp eye for detail, Barbara follows the latest office design trends such as: Ergonomics, acoustics, office furniture, sustainability and technologies and through her experience in design-build and project management she’s able to evaluate cost from the early stage which allows to clarify possibilities and to minimize delay along with costs.

At the end of the day, a successful project to Barbara is a project that delivers exactly what her clients envision and more, while maintaining their budget.

Barbara Smyth, The Founder, Senior Interior Designer & General Contractor of VBO 

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