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Our Three Step Process

From start to finish, we execute your project to the highest standards.


Add wellness to your workspace.
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When we consult with you, our goal is to form a complete understanding of your present and future workplace requirements, your company culture, your budget and any by-laws surrounding the project.

Together we explore the layouts and possibilities for your office. We connect the critical people, office functions and IT elements to define the best workplace strategy uniquely tailored to suit your company’s business plan.

From this early stage we are able to establish a preliminary cost which allows you to prioritize on specific office design goals.

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Design that connects and inspires.
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This stage is often the most exciting for clients. You start to see sketches, physical models, finishes and office furniture. You quickly get an idea of how your new work environment will look.

Upon your review and approval, we develop the construction/ tender drawings, coordinate with consultants and process the necessary building permits.

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We tightly control all costs.
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We are fully insured and licensed. We tender only the most reliable contractors and suppliers.  We review bids with you and provide our recommendations to recruit the best construction team for your office construction.

We oversee all of the orders, deliveries and installations to ensure that we maintain the highest possible level of quality workmanship as well as delivering the completed interior design office with no compromise on time and on budget.

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About Vancouver Better Office

At Vancouver Better Office, we see possibilities.

We’ve seen time and again how great office design makes it possible to connect people and unleash their true potential.

We thrive in the optimism that all office interiors – big and small, high-end or very modest – can be exceptional if we do what we do best: dream big and guide you on an inventive and ambitious path of possibilities.

Great office design transforms businesses. It wil transform yours.

We guarantee to make your space like no other. A place where your teams are inspired. An environment that changes the way everyone works. Let’s unleash the possibilities together.


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