Inspirational Office Design and Construction
for small or large office design projects.

Our promises!

Effective and high-quality work environment to suit your specific needs and wants by implementing space planning and design strategies. Our goal? Creating workspaces that inspire connectivity and motivate people to do their best work.

We keep it simple for you!

With our specialised resources, consultants, and contractors we can deliver office interior in a timely manner and at a competitive price. VOD Office Design has overseen 350 sites, working every angle from the perspective of clients, contractors, and interior design.

More Than Just An Office

Whether your company is supporting on-site or remote workers, we will create and deliver an office that suits your need down to the last detail.

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Express Your Brand’s Essence.

Communicate your culture and core values to new hires and visiting customers through the look and feel of your office. Nurture your most valuable resource.


Boost Your Teams.

Energy, morale and workflow using soothing elements like natural light, clean air and plant life.


Support Your Longevity.

Keep the present and future in mind so your space’s function can evolve along with your business.

We Help Businesses With


Uplifting and Refresh your Office

Add positive energy to your workspace. Colors and finishes, updated furnishings, add comfort and focal points! Artworks, Plants, and Signage.


TI- Tenant Improvement and Renovation

Tailored existing or new office space to create a unique, functional space, within budget, and timeline that is inspiring to the employees and to propel business


Building Permit City Requirements

Permits ensure that minimum standards and safety standards are met during and following the construction.


Project Management, Construction

Project management techniques to oversee the planning, design, and construction from its beginning to its end. The purpose is to control a project’s time/delivery, cost and quality control to minimize risk factors.

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IDS Interior Design Shows


  • Acoustic Panels.
  • Living Walls.
  • Carbon Capture


“Barbara is amazing! From our first meeting through to completion her attention to detail and hands-on approach made our renovation a breeze. She has fantastic design and construction expertise and was wonderful at helping us choose options. Their team is very professional, with a high-quality design, project management and construction and overall project was well priced.”

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